FEATURING: Chakra Alignment

Balance your chakras with these intentional handcrafted healing waist-beads. This set includes 8 waist-beads for energy, peace and harmony.

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Our mission at Body Shift Beads is to bring awareness to the truth of loving thy Self. While wearing our waist-beads, we have found that our customers and supporters are increasing in confidence and self love. They are consciously forming new habits and practices to improve their mental health, their body and their finances; which is resulting in a better quality of life.

Body Shift Beads creates authentic jewelry using the finest seed, glass and crystal beads sourced from all over the world and handcrafted with a Trinidadian touch.

At Body Shift Beadswe are always looking for new Ambassadors to share in on the wealth. Send us an email at info@bodyshiftbeads.com if you'd like to join our amazing growing team.