About Us

Our mission at Body Shift Beads is to bring awareness to the truth of loving thy Self. While wearing our waist-beads, we have found that our customers and supporters are increasing in confidence and self love. They are consciously forming new habits and practices to improve their mental health, their body and their finances; which is resulting in a better quality of life.

Body Shift Beads came to life when founder Giselle desperately needed a way to enrich her own mental health, and alleviate the stresses that come with being a melanated single mother living in the East New York section of Brooklyn, NY. It began as a DIY project with her daughter Jada-Leigh. Through her creativity she was able to make and share beautiful pieces of handcrafted waist-beads. Her first supporters were close friends and family. Her hand crafted waist-beads quickly picked up momentum on social media and support started pouring in. Body Shift Beads continues to grow through our amazing customers who share our products with their family and friends.

Body Shift Beads creates authentic jewelry using the finest seed, glass and crystal beads sourced from all over the world and handcrafted with a Trinidadian touch.


Overcoming her own addictions, food being one of them; Giselle has lost over 40 pounds. She is passionate about beauty, health and wellness. She teaches LIVE virtual habit and fitness classes monthly so anyone from around the world can join. Coined "Body Right Pocket Tight, FitCamp"!

A mother before anything, Giselle enjoys learning, growing and creating with her extraordinary 13 year old daughter Jada-Leigh. You can follow their journey on Instagram @gigiondemand


At Body Shift Beads we are always looking for new Ambassadors to share in on the wealth. Please send us an email at info@bodyshiftbeads.com if you'd like to join our amazing growing team.