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Body Shift Beads

12 Month FitCamp!

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Don't miss out on our SPECIAL OFFER! Get a 1-year membership for only $297.

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Build healthy habits, lose weight, gain muscle and feel ENERGIZED!

Workouts you’ll love, eating habits you can stick to, and weight loss that lasts - all in a 90-Day Program that fits your lifestyle.
If you are ready to shut the door on those limiting beliefs and show up for YOU. To create a NEW plan. To build a NEW routine. And chart a NEW path into your wellness journey....

Then welcome to FitCamp!

A 12-Month group coaching program designed to empower busy women and men prioritize health and fitness through our virtual classes. 

By the end of this program you'll...


Eat the right nutrient-rich foods that work best for your body to achieve your healthy weight loss and fitness goals 


Incorporate your fitness plan  (even with your busy schedule!) and start feeling fit, healthy, and full of energy. H.I.I.T/ Strength Instructional Workouts: Total Body, Leg/Glute, Back & Biceps, Chest, Shoulders & Triceps Training.


Create a nutrient-rich eating routine and effective exercise plan to boost your energy.


Shed pounds and build muscle in a way that’s achievable and (most importantly) sustainable. Say good-bye to yo-yo dieting. 


Learn how to create and stick to healthy routines and make time for them despite a demanding schedule.


Learn how to adopt a mindset of acceptance and self-love along your journey to a happy and healthy YOU.

You will receive...

  • LIVE 30-40 minute sessions, that can be done from the comfort of your home. Daily from 7:00 a.m SHARP EST.
  • Full On-Demand access to all REPLAYS
  • Strength training, mobility, yoga, metabolic conditioning and more... 
  • Over 50 recipes for nutrient-rich meals
  • A monthly 1 on 1 call to review meal plan with nutrition tips to help you on your journey!
  • Breath-work
  • Modifications will be given
  • Enthusiastic & Knowledgeable instructor

And there's more...

When you SIGN UP NOW you will gain access to our Exclusive Community. The Body Right community provides support by sharing insight, resources, tips and tools to empower and hold each other accountable. I focus on mindset and habit building to increase confidence. You are never alone on this journey. Members also receive progress checks DIRECTLY from ME at no extra cost.


Note: Return Assurance not available for this product...

Sizing Instructions


Depending on how you want to wear your waistbeads, you can measure yourself above your navel, just at your navel, or right above your hips.

Place the measuring tape against your bare skin WITHOUT sucking in your stomach; at exact area you prefer to wear the waist-beads. 

TIP: Allow for wiggle space aka breathing room when measuring.

Double-check your measurement. Repeat the measurement once more to ensure the accuracy of your original measurement.


**Clasps are a popular option for those that want to remove their waist beads.

In the event your waist size is not listed, please contact us.


Thank you for visiting Body Shift Beads!


Color Meaning

WaistBead Color Meanings
Color is considered powerful and the main factor while choosing beads for most beaded jewelry. Bead color is a magical element which symbolizes emotion and connection to events and feelings. Use the chart below to help you better decide on which waistbead to purchase.

Red: Excitement, energy, and passion.

Orange: Energy, balance, and enthusiasm.

Yellow: joy, happiness, optimism, and hope.

Goldillumination, love, and compassion.

Green: Money, environment, and health.

Blue: Peace, tranquility, calm, and stability.

Pink: love, caring, calm, and tenderness.

Purple: Royalty, nobility, and spirituality.

Grey: Security, reliability, and intelligence.

Brown: Earth, stability, and outdoors.

White: Reverence, purity, and simplicity

Black: Power, sexuality, sophistication

Processing Time

It takes approximately 10 days to manufacture each order. Please keep this in mind when calculating the arrival time of your strand(s). Every waistbead is beautifully crafted by hand just for you! If you need them as fast as possible message us for info regarding our expedited processing services.


Q: What are waistbeads?

A: Waistbeads are an ancient traditional body jewelry and a practice of adornment. Similar to necklaces or bracelets, except they’re worn around the waist or just above the hips.

Commonly referred to as belly beads or waistbands. Waistbeads are worn by females of all ages from children to grandmothers and all sizes. Worn regularly they become an extension of yourself, a secret, seen only by you and your lover. In some cultures, they are a symbol of a woman’s confidence in her body and her sexuality. They are given as gifts for initiations, rites of passage, to women about to marry, to pregnant women for protection and health. This ancient adornment practice is a great way to celebrate your femininity, milestones, and enhance personal transformation, and affirm creativity and sexuality.


Q: What are BodyShift waistbeads?

A: The art of adorning BodyShift waist-beads is a purposeful intention toward spiritual growth and an excellent tool for women to feel more powerful...confidence in their body... embrace their femininity, sexuality and beauty.

Body Shift waistbeads subtly keeps you mindful of your conscious state of being, emotions, womanhood, healing phase, spiritual journey, and body awareness... Giving you protection, strength and courage where needed. The reason for wearing any strand is specific to the person wearing it. 

Body Shift waistbeads are handmade and customized using genuine gemstones and crystals that resonate with the wearer. No two are made exactly alike just similar in style. With addition of gemstones and crystals, waist beads take on healing or vibrational qualities. Depending on specific needs to enhance (i.e. strength, inner peace, balancing), various semi-precious stones can be included in the design of your waist beads. I enjoy making waist beads in all different colors, styles, sizes; there's something special for every woman.


Q: What is the benefits of wearing waistbeads?

A: Accentuate your Divine feminine Energy...define who you are for yourself...Naturally increase your sensitivity to subtle energies...Promotes Love and deepens your connection to the Goddess Within... Promote a natural flow of your Goddess Energy

All we know is that wearing waist beads bring out a different side of you... that inner goddess. BodyShift waistbeads are handcrafted uniquely for the wearer. No two waist-beads are ever the same. Embedded with specific energy to support its wearer.

Waistbeads look great and should be worn everywhere... a pool setting, at the beach, they also feel intimate and sexy when worn only in private underneath your clothes or for your significant other.


Q: How do I measure myself for waistbeads?

A: Depending on how you want to wear your waistbeads, you can measure yourself above your navel, just at your navel, or right above your hips.

Place the measuring tape against your bare skin WITHOUT sucking in your stomach; at exact area you prefer to wear the waist-beads. 

TIP: Allow for wiggle space aka breathing room when measuring.

Double-check your measurement. Repeat the measurement once more to ensure the accuracy of your original measurement.

Choose your size accordingly. Custom waist beads are made using a barrel clasp for easy application and removal. 


Q: What materials do you use in your waistbeads?

A: My waistbeads/ belly beads and other jewels are made with genuine crystals and gemstones, 24kt Gold plated beads, Chinese glass beads, Swarovski Crystals, colorful glass beads, durable chain, and high quality wire for lasting luxurious adornments. Using barrel clasps.

I mainly use Czech glass seed beads, ToHo beds, Japanese Miyuki beads, and various other high quality beads. All of the beads I use are glass, ceramic, genuine stone, and semi-precious stone beads and pewter charms. Mindful of sensitivities, I limited the amount of metals in my waist-beads. I’m always learning new techniques, working on new pieces and materials to improve my quality of craft. 


Q: Are your waistbeads permanent or removable?

A: Removable. With the crystals incorporated I wanted the option to put them on and take them off whenever you like without damaging them. Some days you may find yourself drawn to the energy of another crystal, simply switch your waist-beads as you do your outfits.

But! I do have Permanent waistbeads available with beads only


Q: Where can I order my custom waistbeads!?

A: In the products section, choose Custom Set. Se sure to fill the details in the message section at check out


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Carlos (Corpus Christi, US)

Gg brings me so much joy and is amazing at her bootcamp work outs. I was ill and without strength fresh out the hospital miss ggs workouts are motivating and inspiring. Haha wooo. I think she has a gift for helping others. A God send to me. I feel blessed. She says "let's grow" oh God I'm growing so much
I feel better than I have felt in 10 yrs. Wow. I'm alive and healthy all the Glory to God tyG for sending miss G to help me "let's grow family"

Melissa Mercado (Wantagh, US)
An inspiration!!!

I love my Gigi and her workouts! She is full of positive energy and useful information. She is an amazing being sharing knowledge to help others accomplish their goals.
In my opinion, her workouts can be for beginners as well as for advanced individuals. She has modifications and explains how each exercise should be done. She includes warmup stretches and great cool down stretches as well.
Gigi is dedicated to spreading self love, acceptance and accomplishments. She is a real person and shows it. I am capable of working out on my own but I find her to be inspiring and I prefer working out with her! I enjoy her encouraging words and well planned workouts. Forever grateful 🙏🏼

Kim Givan
Just Awesome!!!

Awesome Awesome Awesome, she is very encouraging and inspirational. Along the way she gives out so many gems and tips on nutrition and meeting your goals. Communicates with everyone in the group and with individual messages. If you have any questions or concerns she always gets back with you to answer your questions or address your concerns. The workouts are intense but she always go over form and encourages you throughout. The best part about it is that she does the workout with you!!!!

G.G. (Washington, US)
Simply Inspiring A

I Love everything about Giselle's program. I started just watching her on Instagram, hadn't heard her story until much later very inspiring. I'm pretty good with exercising before starting the program, yet the program gave me a sense of community that I was missing when working out. In school you have that, yet after what is their a couple of friends who try yet give up early or don't show up. GG shows everytime & she brings that encouragement always, by the way I'm GG also lol. All of this inspires me to keep going. Her program meets people at all levels, no judgement, just all she requires is you to show up be your best you. If you're looking for a program that works, shows results and makes you a better you physically and spiritually this is it. Yes we work on how to handle today's highs and lows, grateful for this community, this program & I look forward to many more days with everyone. Blessings Giselle thank you☺️

P Bubs (Hopkins, US)
Best choice ever!

I am on my second round and love the variety of the workouts! If you're ready for a change this is the program for you!