After giving birth to a healthy baby girl in 2009, our founder and CEO was left with a body she no longer recognized. As beautiful of an experience childbirth is, no one is ever mentally prepared for the physical shift our bodies make in the process; and what’s even more important is the mental shift that must follow in order to heal. She found herself battling anxiety, low self-esteem and depression like many women do whether it’s due to childbirth or weight gain. 

As a way to improve her mind, and alleviate stress she began beading therapy by creating waist beads for herself. She soon followed up by creating pieces for family members and close friends which in turn allowed her to tap in further to her creative side. She fell in love with the process. From there she was able to rehab herself mentally and increase her confidence. After several years of growing in her passion for health and wellness through her journey of faith, fitness and self love, she wanted a way to help others gain access to tools that could help improve their quality of life, and so in 2018 Body Shift Beads was formed.